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Some Burundians deplore the lack of drinking water and launch a cries of alarm. This is happening where March 22, Burundi and the world celebrate the World Water Day.

Without this drinking water, many Burundians use the water of rivers near them like Ntahanga, Mugere, Rusizi, or the water of Lake Tanganyika

The Ministry of Water, Environment, Spatial Planning and Urbanism and the Régideso answered questions from journalists, questions about the challenges that drinking water faces. The issues raised are, among others, the pollution of Lake Tanganyika, the anarchic constructions near rivers and lakes, the lack of protection of natural resources, without forgetting the question of what must be done so that all the Burundian population can access drinking water.

The Ministry of Water, Environment and Urbanism, then calls on the Burundian population to protect the high mountains and hills by trees, to trace the distorted erosion by planting fixing trees to protect lakes, rivers

The Magaratimes newspaper then decided to talk with the population of Ruziba in the Kanyosha area. Desired GAHUNGU, one of the inhabitants of this locality tells us: “It happens that we spend two weeks without having drinking water. And that goes to pick us up in the Mugere River or in Lake Tanganyika. And it is this very water from the lake or the river that we drink ”

According to Désiré, the consequences are numerous. “Sometimes our children drown in the lake by going to draw water because to have water that is a little clean you have to go a little far. He tells us. “As a further consequence, our children are getting a lot of diseases from lack of drinking water. ”

Finally, the population of this area calls for the state to be supplied with drinking water near their homes.

Remember that this day will be celebrated this Saturday in Giheta commune, Gitega province, under the theme. “Drinking water for sustainable development.

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