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Burundi is one of the countries with the highest index of hunger, that 40%, calorific insufficiency in food is 1600 while the average should be greater than 2000, the rate of malnutrition still high, that of 58%. It was by Faustin NDIKUMANA President of PARCEM, Word and Actions for Awakening Consciousness and Evolution of Mentalities, this Monday during a press briefing on the occasion of the celebration of the international day dedicated to health, celebrated on April 4 of each year.

According to him, the demographic growth makes that there is lack of a step of investment so that the number of the districts and health centers can follow the increase of the population for standard standards accepted

The standards show that one doctor for every 10,000 inhabitants is needed, but sometimes in Burundi one doctor per 20,000 or even 30,000 inhabitants; 3 or 4 nurses by a health center whereas one should have a minimum of 6 or 7. The needs to fill these gaps were evaluated at 1651 billions over 5 years, but the mobilization of the funds was not enough. Faustin NDIKUMANA says that the big part comes from the technical partners of the finances (PTF), almost 41%.

Faustin NDIKUMANA calls then to the mobilization of funds in the national program of health development with a view to improving and updating the field of health in Burundi. And the ministry of health, which is a technical ministry, should be responsible for people from skills.

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