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According to the report of the World Health Organization WHO, a child dies every two minutes of malaria and in Burundi more than 1 million 400 thousand cases of malaria have been reported in the first 14 weeks of 2018 These words are from Dr. Diomede NDAYISENGA, Director of Programs and Projects in the Ministry of Health. He said this this Friday in a media workshop organized as part of the preparation of the 11th World Malaria Day editions 2018.

Diomedes NDAYISENGA says that half of the population that malaria remains at once a major cause and a consequence of world poverty

This disease imposes a heavy burden especially in the poorest countries and the most vulnerable groups.

Still according to Diomede NDAYISENGA, in Burundi malaria remains a major problem public health and is one of the top national health priorities.

According to the WHO report, 216 million new cases of malaria were reported in 2017 with 445 thousand deaths. 90 percent of cases and 93 percent of deaths have been reported in sub-Saharan Africa

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