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The 10th edition of the President's Cup has begun its 32nd stage since Thursday, January 03, 2019 until January 06, 2019. All teams of the First Division have crossed this bar despite the difficult qualification to Vivier Bahati's men, Les Lierres FC struggled against No. 2 Aigle Noir B in 2nd Division on Penalty (2-1) after a 1-1 draw. In the other side of the 2nd Division teams almost all qualified for the 16th finals except Volunteer FC and Elephants that they were eliminated by the clubs of the local division.

Here are all the results and matches of the 16th finals.

Results of this Thursday, January 03, 2019.

Royal FC 4-0 Nyabitsinda FC Ruyigi

Eastern Torch 7-0 Bethany of Gitega

Young Athletics 3-0 FC Mubimbi Tire

The Lierres FC 1-1 Black Eagle Town Hall: (Penalty 2-1)

Results of this Friday, January 04, 2019.

Athletico Olympic 3-1 Green Karusi Mamba.

Olympic Star 13-0 Intaramyi of Kinyinya

Bumamuru FC 1-0 Academy Umutima of Cibitoke.

Bujumbura City 10-0 Mapenzi FC from Mutimbuzi

Results on the Saturday 05 January 19

Ngozi City 5-0 Jesca Regina Mundi.

Inter Star 7-0 Messenger Gishubi.

Busoni Star 1-1 Malaika FC Karusi Penalty (4-2).

Kayanza United 6-0 Fredom FC from Gisuru.

The Crocs of Rumonge 1-0 Zebra of Gitega.

LLBS4A 5-0 Rumonge Youth Unit.

Delta Star Gatumba 5-0 Cenga Boys FC Rutana.

BS.Dynamik 2-1 New Force of Makamba.

Makamba Black Eagle 8-1 FC Cankuzo Libellules.

Volunteer 1-1Health FC Ngozi: penalty (2-4).

Muzinga FC 5-1 Kayanza Hurricane.

Rumonge City 2-1 Tamura FC Ruyigi.

Results for this Sunday, January 06, 2019.

Mwumba light 3-2 Imboneza from Kinyinya.

Junior Top 12-0 Mabanda Unit.

Musongati FC 15-1 The Merchant Eagles.

Moso Sugar 6-0 The Young Rapids of Karusi.

Butare City 2-1 Matana.

Unit 1-1 FC Pigeon (Penalty 6-5).

Rukinzo FC 8-1 Magara Young Boys.

Messenger Bujumbura 4-1 La Liga.

Vital'0 FC 3-0 All young of Gitega.

Messenger Ngozi FC 8-0 Gasumo of Mwaro.

Central Flame 15-1 Eagle Butezi Park.

Elephants FC 0-0 Sangwe FC Bururi (penalty 1-4).

This Thursday, January 10, 2019 the 16th the finals will continue and here is how the teams will compete, it remains only to determine the grounds.

  1. Black Eagle vs Busoni Star
  2. Athletico Olympic vs Moso Sugar.
  3. Buja City vs Sangwe FC from Bururi.
  4. Bumamuru FC vs Top Junior.
  5. Torch Center vs Delta Star.
  6. East torch vs Royal FC.
  7. Kayanza United vs Young Athletics.
  8. The Lierres FC vs FC Unit.
  9. LLB vs Rumonge City.
  10. Messenger Bujumbura vs Butare City
  11. Messenger Ngozi FC vs Muzinga FC
  12. Musongati FC vs BS Dynamik.
  13. Ngozi City vs FC Ngozi FC
  14. Olympic Star vs Inter Star.
  15. Vital'0 FC vs Mwumba Light.
  16. Rukinzo FC vs The Crocs of Rumonge

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