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BUKAVU, the list of members of the team of the new provincial government of South Kivu has just been made public in Bukavu, the capital of the Province of South Kivu, on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

The new government team that will run the affairs of the province of South Kivu includes 10 personalities who will occupy the following ministries:

  • The Provincial Ministry of Economy: Marie-Jeanne Barhasima Zihalirwa;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Infrastructures: Ndigaya Ngenzi;
  • The Provincial Ministry of the Interior, Security, Decentralization and Customary Affairs: Lwabanji Lwasi Ngabo;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Planning and Budget: Rodin Aochi;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Justice: Joseph Bitafwana;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Education and Sports: Genevieve Mizumbi;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Mines: Coming Bitumen Muhigirwa;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Agriculture: Marcelin Amani Bahaya;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Transport: Claude Sweddy Basila;
  • The Provincial Ministry of Gender and Family: Cosmos Bashisha.

Other nominatons were also made in the same frame to form a new government, it is the members of the Cabinet of Work of the Governor for the following posts:

  • Claude Mwendambali: Executive Secretary of the Provincial Government;
  • Hosea Mudahigwa: Deputy Executive Secretary, in charge of Political Affairs;
  • Leonard Mukanire Balolage: Deputy Executive Secretary, in charge of Finance.

This publication of the appointments to the main posts of the Provincial Government put an end to the many speculative steps taken in recent days by many of the members of the Governor's coalition trying to position themselves for a position in the new government.

The Google Map of the South Kivu Province in the DRC.

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