Measure Requiring New Students From Burundi University Recently Admitted To Kiriri Campus To Pay 50000 Frbu From Housing Is Irreversible – Magara Times Journal
The Passing of the National Competition Edition 2017─2018 For the Students of 9 th Basic Year Is Expected In Date From 5 to 7 February 2018 – Magara Times Newspaper
2016-2017 Academic Year Cancellation for 44 Second Year Baccalaureate Students Accused of Falsifying the Grade Obtained After Second Session Exams at the Faculty of Management and Applied Economics – Magara Times Journal
Some Directors of Private Universities ask the Ministry in charge of Higher Education and Scientific Research to approve the Programs of Universities and Higher Institutes. – Magara Times Newspaper
Beginning of Provisional Registrations During This November 12th at UB and at ENS, For Winners Who Have Less Than 54% On State Exam. – Magara Times Newspaper
Makeup of any kind is forbidden to students in Burundi. – Magara Times Newspaper